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What makes us a leading firm is the delivery of quality and value to our clients. All our professionals have over 5 years of sourcing experience.


Get in touch with our team, and we can discuss your product specs, timeline and quantity.


Our team will prepare a quote for you after discussing your product specs with our network of factories.

Confirm Order/Design

Depending on your order, it may require a custom design. Approval is required before sampling and production.


Once you're happy with your quote and design, a deposit is made to commence your order.

Sourcing Period

Most sourcing period varies between 1-3 weeks.

Quality Control

Nearing the end of the production, a member of our team will do a full QC report to ensure the order is to spec and initial sampling.

Balance Payment

Once you're happy with the production results, the balance payment is required to ship your order.

Shipping & Storage

Orders are shipped via sea or air cargo. We also have a warehouse to consolidate with any orders.

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